Lamb Kebabs

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My family is big on Greek food. We always joke that Mr. MarthaAndMe must be Greek (his ancestry is a little cloudy – lots of Eastern European with little details). So of course I had to make the Lamb and Cucumber Kebabs with Feta Sauce from June Living (p.184).

I make something like this pretty often and I usually buy lamb tenderloin. This time I couldn’t find that at the store, so I ended up with boneless leg (which was what the recipe called for anyhow). I cut it into chunks and marinated it in the mix of oil, garlic, oregano and lemon juice. I mixed up the sauce – yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, and feta with a little oil. I added salt and pepper to that.

You grill the lamb on kebabs with cucumber. I would never have grilled the cucumber – seemed weird, but it was actually pretty good. The lamb, on the other hand, was tough and chewy – since I am used to tenderloins, the leg was tough by comparison.

I served this with some whole wheat tortillas and lettuce and we wrapped it up. It was quite good over all.

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