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Today is Day One in my year of Martha. I am so unprepared. Just looking at the home page of her site, I feel completely overwhelmed.  Halloween is bearing down upon us. I have never sewed a Halloween costume (taped one together, definitely, but sewed, no). The only craft supply I have is some dried up Play-Doh from when my kids were little, so I don’t have fiberglass window screening lying around that I can whip up into a spider web for my front door. And I can say with certainty that I’ve never ever made food that looked like a human brain.

I’m willing to jump in feet first though and give it all a try. Figuring out where to start is a challenge though. Martha Stewart not only has a universe in her web site, but she’s got about a zillion books out too. And a mere 6 magazines. And then there are the tv shows. She’s not only got her own show, but there’s the Everyday Food show that falls under the Omnimedia umbrella. Oh, and she’s also got a Sirius radio show.

And then there’s probably my favoritest show of all, Whatever, Martha. Martha’s daughter, Alexis, and a pal watch old Martha shows and make fun of her, her projects, and guests. Don’t worry, we’re going to have to chat about this one in depth in the coming days.

Let’s not forget that Martha has her own product line. She started out at KMart but has swiftly moved herself into Macy’s. Who knows, she might even be riding with Santa in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Martha does tend to take over.

In my quest to live the Martha way, I have just signed up for her 7 newsletters, 6 daily tip emails, and 3 workshops. That’s exhausting all by itself. How am I going to cope with it all? I’ve got my November issue of Living ready to go, so that’s the starting line I guess.

Come with me on my journey. Please – I need some support! I want to hear about your successes and failures with Martha’s projects and directions.

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