Have You Tried…Frozen Yogurt Bars?

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Frozen yogurt bars are all the rage. We first tried one on Amelia Island, Florida this winter. We loved it so much we went two nights in a row. If you aren’t familiar, the concept is simple. There is a wall of self-serve soft frozen yogurt machines. You take a cup and put in as much as you want of any flavor. Then there is a toppings bar with candy, fruit, syrups, cookies, even cereal. You pay by weight. It is the ultimate do-it-yourself sundae.

We next encountered this in Naples, Florida and after we got back, discovered one had opened up near us and now there is a second one in our general area. We’ve been to one a few times and my daughter has been to the other. Each time the flavors are different (cookies and cream, white chocolate macadamia, chocolate, mint, mango, strawberry, vanilla, tart, watermelon, peanut butter, and more).  We also love that they use compostable spoons (made of cornstarch).  You decide how much yogurt you put in the cup and you can mix and match any flavors you want. I love the topping bar because I can add two M&Ms, 3 mini peanut butter cups and two dabs of hot fudge – I get lots of different tastes without getting more than I want.

Have you tried a frozen yogurt bar?

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4 Responses

  • They just opened one of these in my town. I must say, I wasn’t real impressed. Most of the toppings were candy. Well, all–there wasn’t anything fresh. Don’t you think some of those toppings are designed to be weighty?

  • Jennifer Margulis says:

    We have one in Ashland called YogurtHut. The kids love it but it’s dangerous for the wallet and the waistline!

  • merr says:

    Yes! We have several (many!) here in so Cal…Pinkberry, Yogurtland, among many others. My fave flavor is still the plain-tart, but I understand it’s still high in sugar…still tasty!

  • Brette says:

    I’ve been to some that have fresh fruit which is a nice way to go. You’re right though – a lot of the toppings are candy. But I like being able to put 2 M&Ms, a pinch of crushed malted milk ball, and 3 Reese’s pieces on my sundae – just a little bit of some tasty things.