Ham and Cheese Puff Tart

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I totally love puff pastry. A few years ago my mom bought a ton of it from a bakery supply place and it was SO much better than the Pepperidge Farms stuff I get at the grocery store. That’s long gone though and I’m back to Pepperidge Farms, oh well.

This tart sounded so good to me – puff pastry with ham and cheese inside. It was easy to make, once you get the puff pastry to defrost. Roll the two sheets out to 10 x 13 size. Put one on the baking sheet. Cover with 6 slices of ham, 1 cup Gruyere and a cream sauce made with 1 tbsp butter, 1 1/2 tbsp flour (melt butter then cook with flour till golden) and a pinch of nutmeg with 1 cup milk (whisk it in and cook until thickened). Cover with the top sheet of puff pastry, brush with egg, and cut some vents. Bake at 400. The recipe says 30 min but mine was done in 20 min.

This was good, but it desperately needed mustard. If I ever made this again I would either mix some Dijon into the cream sauce or maybe just slather a thin layer on the pastry. Other than that it was good. It smelled good, looked good and tasted good, if a bit bland. We had it for dinner with salad and soup.

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