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Cactus leaves

Cactus leaves

A new store just opened up in our area, called Orchard Fresh. Owned by another area grocery chain, it seems like a Whole Foods reinvention. We decided to investigate and it was a lot of fun.

In the produce section I was happy to see everything was organic and they had some interesting things I can’t find locally, like cactus leaves, plantains, and tons of fresh herbs. I picked up some pea shoots



and ginger root (which has suddenly been absent from my usual store).

I hit the jackpot in the fish department though. Stone crab! I recently wrote about how to prepare these and mentioned they are non-existent in my neck of the woods. Now if I have a craving, I know where to find them. There was also a tank of live crayfish (which looked way too much like bugs for me to even imagine bringing them home). Then I stumbled on the fresh Hawaiian fish, which is flown in daily. What a treat to be able to bring some of this home. I get tired of salmon, sole, tuna, haddock

Fish for dinner

Fish for dinner

and mahi. We bought home hapuka and sunfish, which I made that same night. I grilled the hapuka, which is an oily fish, but with a mild flaky texture. I loved the sunfish which I breaded and panfried. It has a small white flake and is very mild. I find the best way to learn about a new fish is to make it very simply prepared, with just lemon on it. I would make the hapuka again, but it needs a sauce to balance its oiliness. The sunfish was perfect panfried. I might add a brown butter sauce with some sliced almonds if I wanted it to be a little fancier.

Other treats awaited us, such as a gelato bar, Sarabeth’s brand baked goods, a wide selection of different sea salts and even a very interesting sea salt block, which you are supposed to set right on your stove or grill and cook on top of.

I was a bit disappointed by the gluten free selection. There was an aisle marked “gluten free” but it didn’t have much. We then found GF items stuck in among other aisles. Some had



gluten-free tags on the shelves, and some didn’t, making them very hard to find.

To match the seafood selection, there was also a great selection of game. Fresh frog legs, fresh bison, and quail eggs were in the butcher’s case. In the frozen section we found elk, camel (?), alligator, and high end beef.

It was fun to visit a new store and bring home some fun new foods to try.

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  • Your new grocery stores sounds awesome! I got excited recently when our new grocery we discovered about an hour away started carrying sushi grade tuna.

  • Catherine Kurczynski says:

    Made an excursion to Orchard Fresh just after it opened. Love the butcher’s offerings as well as the seafood. I’m sure in this location the store will do very well. Too far for me to go on a weekly basis but when I’m in the Southtowns I’ll stop in. Heading to East Aurora next week to visit the Junior League’s Showhouse so I’ll make a shopping list for Orchard Fresh & drive through Orchard park on my way home. We have so many food store choices in WNY.

    Loving you blog! “Cathybytheriver”

  • Brette says:

    I will be back also, but it’s too far for me on a regular basis as well. We’re going to the Jr League show house as well – I bought tickets for my daughter for her 21st bday. I’ve never been to one and am excited! I can’t wait to see the Knox estate!

  • VeraMarie Badertscher says:

    Sounds like a great find. We have one called Sprouts. By the way, those look like Prickly Pear Cactus pads (the leaves are tiny appendages).Looking for a reipe? Check under their Spanish name “nopalitos” !for Mexican dishes.

  • Sounds like an exciting store! I like coming across the unusual and hard-to-find. I wouldn’t mind having some of those stone crab and the fish selection sounds interesting.

  • What a great seafood selection! I get tired of the same kind of seafood, too. Both the hapuka and sunfish sound delicious the way you made them. And stone crab! I love crab. I’ve never had crayfish before, though. I didn’t realize they kind of looked like bugs!

  • Belle–in Cajun Louisiana crayfish are called “mud bugs.”

  • Brette says:

    They taste like shrimp/lobster – a bit stronger maybe. Live shrimp are not too nice to look at either. My husband and son buy them for fishing when we are in FL and you would never think you would want to eat such a thing!