Grilled Pork Chops with Spice Paste

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spice pork shop2I’ve had some pork chops in the freezer for a while and I decided it was time to make them. I have cut way back on meat in my cooking and have not made pork in months, so it was a welcome change. Martha has a recipe for grilled pork chops with spice paste (Martha Stewart Everyday Food, July). I’ve found that pork chops always need something to wake them up. Just grilled by themselves, they are dry and boring. I have a great recipe where I marinate them in buttermilk and herbs overnight, but that takes advance planning! This was a night for something I could make with little notice.

This recipe was very easy. You chop up some garlic and mix it with oil, paprika, brown sugar and pepper. Slather that on the chops and then cover them with plastic wrap and let it sit for an hour. Grill it and you’re ready. spice pork chop

Results? Terrific. I would not have expected such a simple rub to create such wonderful flavor but it really did. This is going in my ‘quick and easy’ file. Thumbs up!

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