Grilled Corn with Sour Cream and Cheese

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I don’t make corn a lot as a vegetable, because, as I like to point out, it is actually a grain. But there’s something so summery about corn on the cob that I make it a few times each summer (mostly when we’ve got local corn which won’t happen for another 6 weeks or so). I was sucked in by the recipe in July Everyday Food for Grilled Corn with Sour Cream with Cotila Cheese. Cheese? I’m in.

You peel back the husks and remove the silk, then pull them up and wrap a thin piece of foil around the corn to hold them closed. Soak the corn in cold water for 10 minutes. Then Martha says to grill for 8-10 min over direct heat. This all went as planned. My husks got pretty charred so I assumed it actually cooked (silly me). When you serve the corn, Martha says to slather with sour cream and cotija or feta cheese (I used feta).

Sounds easy. Mmm-hmm. Here’s what happened. First of all, you really should husk them before bringing them to the table. It was a mess. Once we got to the corn we realized it was not cooked. At all. Mine was not even hot. Everyone else’s was hot, but none of it was cooked. I went the full ten minutes on high on the grill. So that’s a load of baloney.

Next I put sour cream and cheese on mine. The cheese didn’t stick very well. It tasted ok, but honestly I would rather just have regular corn on the cob with butter and salt. This was too much work with terrible results.

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