Gnocchi with Vegetables

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Are you a gnocchi fan? I love them. I did attempt to make my own once and they were pretty much a pain in the neck, so I just buy them frozen at the grocery store.

I loved the idea of gnocchi with summer vegetables (Martha Stewart Everyday Food). Usually I make gnocchi with some green onions, olive oil, and lots of Parmesan cheese. Amazingly, everyone in the family eats this (there are so few dishes that everyone will eat). I’m now at the point where I have to buy two bags for one meal.

gnocchivegI was excited to give Martha’s recipe a try – more veggies is always a good thing. This recipe was super duper simple. Boil your gnocchi and separately cook up some garlic, zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Add a little of the water from the gnocchi to make it into a sauce, add your gnocchi and serve with cheese. I added some spinach to this recipe to beef up the veggie content even more. It was great! I loved it. I did have to make some gnocchi separate for the kids, but I thought this was delicious and I will definitely be making it again. Thanks Martha!

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  • Chiara says:

    Those seem more like orecchiette, gnocchi are plumper…but anyway, the recipe is super correct, except for the garlic.