Game Day Cupcakes by Teen Martha

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Teen Martha (seen here hamming it up) had a Superbowl party to go to and decided to make Martha’s Red Velvet Cupcakes to take along. Teen Martha has always been a fan of red velvet cake. I made it one year as her birthday cake.

The baking of these went well (they were even done when Martha said they would be, which never happens), although the batter did not look very red, so Teen Martha added more red food coloring and in the process got some on her ‘What Would Martha Do t-shirt, not to mention all over the counter. What a mess! I think that the next time I make these I’m just going to leave out the food coloring. It doesn’t add any flavor and I don’t have any need to eat food coloring. Anyone have hints on how to get red food coloring out of a t-shirt?!

Teen Martha frosted them with the cream cheese frosting given in the recipe but made some gold with chopped chocolate on top and the others blue and white (team colors for the Superbowl teams). She was very proud of her creativity.

These cupcakes were great, but as always with red velvet cake, it’s the frosting that really makes it worth eating!

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