Easy Potato Casserole Day 2

Posted by Brette in Food

Yesterday I posted about my easy potato casserole. It always makes leftovers, which is great. I decided to kick up my leftovers a bit. I used 3 cups of leftover casserole. I warmed it up so it was easy to stir. I added 2 tbsp sour cream, 1 chopped scallion, 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, and 3 tbsp melted butter (I actually had some garlic butter leftover that I used, so this added more flavor). I foolishly first thought about frying these up as potato pancakes, but they have nothing to hold them together (egg, etc), so that was a bust. Instead, I put them in muffin tins and baked them at 350 for half an hour. My muffin tins are silicone, so I could just pop them out. If you’re using metal muffin tins, I think you might need to bake longer to get the outside firmer so they are easier to lift out.

Anyway, they were delicious. Teen Martha said they tasted like twice baked potatoes, which in a way they were.

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