CSA Winter Share: The Work Begins

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Kale chips

Recently we picked up our winter share at the CSA: about 100 lbs of vegetables. My plan had been to store this in the garage, but unfortunately, it was in the 50s! I got some in the fridge and let the rest sit in coolers until the garage fridge opened up (post-Thanksgiving) and we got it all put away finally. Then the weather turned, so we moved some back to the garage.

So now I am beginning to work my way through the bounty. This weekend I stripped the ribs off the kale. I made kale chips for dinner, then I chopped and boiled the rest and froze it in bags and will use it like chopped spinach in casseroles and other dishes.

We have 4 heads of cabbage, so I began making one into sauerkraut. It will sit on my counter until it gets sour, then will head back to the garage fridge for storage (the recipe is simple: 1 cabbage, sliced thin, 1 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp caraway seeds. Mix it up and squeeze the cabbage to release juice. Cover with water and let it sit covered with a towel on the counter until it gets sour enough for you).

I also roasted some of the beets and will pickle them. I don’t can them, so I make them in batches that can be used up within a couple of weeks.

There’s lots left though! I’m planning to make sweet and sour cabbage one night for dinner. I will also roast some of the butternut squashes and freeze them to use in soups and a fantastic risotto I make. We will easily use the potatoes, onions, and carrots, so those aren’t weighing on my mind.

Kale for the freezer


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