Croque Monsieur

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Bonjour. I was dying to try the Croque Monsieur from Feb Living (Martha doesn’t have a link to this particular recipe on her site, but here is one is that very similar) since I’ve never had one. I remember learning about the Croque Monsieur in my college French class. I took it pass/fail so I didn’t retain a lot of what I learned there, but I didn’t forget about the food!

Martha’s C.M. is basically a ham and cheese sandwich with a cream sauce poured over it and then baked until the sauce browns. I wasn’t wild about this. You had to eat it with a knife and fork which seems to defeat the purpose of making a sandwich. It tasted fine, but as Mr. MarthaAndMe said, it was a lot of fuss for a ham and cheese sandwich! I’m glad I got to finally taste one though, so I’ll thank Martha for getting me to make it.

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