Crispy Tacos Picadillo

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I made Martha’s Crispy Taco Picadillo (Martha Stewart Living, June). I had never heard of picadillo, but when I read the recipe it just sounded like tacos, so I went with it.

taco1This was amazingly easy. I’m used to Living recipes being long and complicated, but this was simple. I substituted ground turkey for ground beef. You cook onions, then add your meat and garlic and add chopped tomato and spices. Simple.  It cooks for about 15 to 20 minutes. Easy as pie.

I liked the idea of making tacos with my own ingredients instead of using some horrible powdered taco mix. Both children viewed this with suspicion because there were chunks of tomato (horrors!). The oldest ate it with trepidation and then declared you taco2couldn’t even tell there were chunks of tomato (shocking!) and tried to convince the younger to try it. He scowled and refused.

Mr. MarthaAndMe thought it was quite good. I would definitely make this again. I like tacos a lot and this is really just as easy and quick as using some godawful mix. Thanks Martha!

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