Crack Pie Not Addictive for Me

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CrackPie2Have you heard about Crack Pie? It’s a dessert served at Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC. If you want to buy one, it’s $44 a pie. It’s called crack pie because it’s supposed to be so good, it’s addictive like crack.  I’d heard raves about this pie and decided it was time to try it myself. It’s a complicated process. First you make the cookie. Then you crumble it up with butter and sugar to make the cookie crust. Then you make the filling and bake it. I used a recipe for this I cut out of our local newspaper. It’s identical to the recipe I’ve linked to, except for the baking times. The recipe I used said to bake this for 15 min then reduce the heat and bake another 10 — the recipe in Bon Appetit has DOUBLE the baking time: 30 min then 20 min. Can I tell you how disgusted and annoyed I am? I baked mine an additional 10 minutes in addition to what the newspaper recipe said because it wasn’t setting, but it wasn’t long enough. When we ate it, it was complete goo. But the recipe said it should be gooey. I don’t think it should be soupy though. Sigh.

So, despite this complete disaster I will tell you that the crust for this is fantastic. Crunchy and amazing. I would totally make that crust again and fill it with something else. It would be fantastic with chocolate pudding. Or for an ice cream pie. The filling was super, super, sickly sweet. We have a complete divide in my family about this however. 2 people said we could not eat it, it was so sweet, and 2 people said it was really, really good. So, I guess it depends on what kind of sweet tooth you have. It wasn’t something I loved by any means.

And if you make this, use the Bon Appetit recipe I linked to.  I’m just disgusted our newspaper got this so wrong.

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