Corn Cakes with Goat Cheese

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I admit that when I saw the headline for Corn Cakes with Goat Cheese in May Everyday Food that my mind immediately jumped to hoecakes, which I learned to make from Paula Deen. These are actually nothing like hoecakes, but at least it got me interested in the recipe.

This is quite simple to make. Saute 3 cups corn (frozen is fine) with 1 small diced zucchini for about 3 minutes, along with salt and pepper. Dump into a bowl, cool for a few minutes and add 2 eggs, 2 sliced scallions and 1/4 cup cornmeal. Measure out 1/4 cups of it into a pan with a little oil and cook until brown on each side. Serve with a dollop of goat cheese on each.

Quick, simple, and pretty tasty. I’m not much of a fan of frozen corn and prefer fresh corn on the cob if I’m going to eat corn (which I keep reminding my kids is a grain, not a vegetable), but I enjoyed these. The goat cheese is a nice touch.

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