Chilled Potato, Cucumber and Dill Soup

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This recipe from Aug Living (Chilled Cucumber and Potato Soup with Dill) is a take off on vichyssoise which I do enjoy. Mr. MarthaAndMe is deeply offended by cold soups, but was willing to at least taste this one.

You start by cooking the onions (1/2 cup in 1 tbsp olive oil) for 3 min. Then add the potatoes (1 russet that has been peeled and shopped into 1/2 inch pieces) for 3 min. My potatoes stuck to the pan and made a horrific mess and I ended up adding some broth to get them unstuck. Then you add the cukes (2 medium, peeled and coarsely chopped). I didn’t have quite enough cukes, so I used a little zucchini too. You cook this until almost tender, about 5 min. Again, it all stuck to the bottom of the pan and got messy. Finally I was able to add the broth (1 and 1/4 c)and cook it all without a problem. I used my handheld immersion blender to whiz this up and it pureed nicely. I added the buttermilk (3/4 cup) and dill (3 tbsp chopped) and chilled. I also added some additional salt since it tasted bland to me.

I thought this was good. It doesn’t have the oniony-ness of true vichysoisse, but I enjoyed the flavor. It didn’t taste anything like cucumbers – mostly it tasted like potato and dill. Mr. MarthaAndMe gagged down a spoonful or two and didn’t care for it. Teen Martha liked it. Dude Martha thought it was gross. Oh well. I guess I’ll wait to have cold soup in a restaurant the next time I want it!

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