Chicken Paillards with Fresh Greens and Beans

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Chicken paillards are right up my alley. We eat a lot of chicken breasts and one is too much for one person (I think), so the idea of cutting them in half horizontally and then pounding them a bit (they cook faster when thinned out a little) works for me. This recipe is from Aug Living. It’s very simple to make.

Make the paillards and put a sage leaf on each one and grill or pan saute. I grilled and did not have any fresh sage, so I used dried. Cook some green beans. Our beans were very special – grown by my dad and picked by Dude Martha who went over there and worked to earn money to buy an iPod, so there was a lot of family sweat equity in them! While the chicken is cooking, put a little olive oil in a pan and cook 4 oz dry cured ham (I used prosciutto). Cook for 3 min then add 1/2 sliced red onion and cook until soft about 3 min. Add 1 tbsp red wine vinegar and stir in the beans. Toss this with 3 cups of lettuce and serve it all on top of the paillards.

I really liked this a lot and enjoyed the beans, ham, and lettuce with the chicken. Not a lot of work, but it has interesting textures and flavors. Definitely a nice quick dinner.

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