Buffalo Chicken Breasts

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On a recent night I needed something for dinner, but was tired of all the usual suspects. I had three chicken breasts to use up, but what I really wanted was chicken wings. So I decided to get creative with what I had. I dug in the fridge and found a bottle of bleu cheese dressing and a bottle of Buffalo wing sauce. I also had some panko.

I poured about a cup of the bleu cheese dressing and some of the Buffalo wing sauce in a bowl (I didn’t use a lot – maybe two teaspoons-  you should adjust this according to how hot you like yours) and mixed. I cut a slit in each breast and put a couple spoonfuls of the dressing mix inside then dipped each breast in the dressing and coated it in panko. I sprayed the pan and I also sprayed the top of each breast with cooking spray. I baked at 400 for about 30 minutes and at the end I turned them over to brown each side.

Wow! I was pretty excited by the results. The panko made a really crispy crust. The dressing, because it was inside the chicken and coating it on the outside made the chicken incredibly moist and tender. The addition of the wing sauce made this taste just like wings. This was a quick dinner that I am definitely going to make again and again!

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