BBQ Pork Chops

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BBQ pork chopsThe August issue of Martha Stewart Living has a recipe for Barbecued Pork-Shoulder Chops (a Lucinda recipe). I could not find shoulder chops, so I used regular loin.

You start by rubbing the chops with garlic, sage and salt and letting it sit for 2 hours. Then you are supposed to pour lager over it. I substituted apple juice. Let that sit again, then grill with a barbecue sauce.

The chops were moist and very tasty. I’ve never actually put BBQ sauce on pork chops before and it was a good match. I didn’t feel as though I really tasted the garlic, sage or apple juice, but I think they all contributed to the depth of the flavor.

My mom (Big MarthaAndMe) likes to say that you can’t buy a good pork chop these days. They used to be juicier and more flavorful. I don’t remember chops any other way than they are today, but I do find that they always taste better if you do some kind of marinade with them before cooking. This was a pretty good one and one to keep in my bag of pork chop tricks.

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  • Charlie says:

    I am from St. Louis and have Grilled Pork Steaks for forty years. I now live in California and knock the sox off of the local folks with this unique to St. Louis dish.

    Couldn’t find Pork Shoulder Chops???

    That is because the mis-identified PORK SHOULDER CHOP is really a PORK STEAK and it is cut fromThe Pork Shoulder, sometimes called a Boston Butt, or a Picnic Pork Roast. a whole Shoulder is cheap and is sliced a minimum of 1/2″ thick. Just go to the meat section, select a bone in pork shoulder and have the butcher slice the roast into “STEAKS” or Chops.

    Before grilling, let steaks bathe in a beer for an hour or two. Drain and pat dry…

    sprinkle with Salt pepper, garlic powder or rub garlic on it if you wish???

    Grill indirectly on a medium hot Webers for 20 minutes per side.

    Apply a sweet sauce on both slides and glaze. Then put some sauce in a large pan and lay the finished steaks in the sauce thinned with some beer. Cover the pan with foil and set in a warm oven, “175- 225” for an hour or two until your are ready to serve.

    The fat on the outside edges of the SHOULDER STEAK should be rather crispy and that is where the amazing unusual flavor resides alla “Disertation on a Roast Pig” by Charles Lamb.

    Works for me!

  • Thanks Charlie. That is great information!