Baked Bean Failure

Posted by Brette in Food

BakedBeansI’ve tried to make baked beans from scratch a few times. (This very memorable attempt was a complete fail). It’s never worked out. I thought I would give a recipe in Food Network Magazine a go since it started with canned beans (as opposed to dried beans) and it uses root beer. While the beans were not horrible, they just tasted very bland and very much like plain beans. I think cannellini  beans are a mistake  – they are just too big. So I ended up dumping in ketchup, yellow mustard, Worchesterhire sauce, and brown sugar to doctor it up. Once I did this, it was ok, but still pretty mealy. It did not get a thumbs up from my house baked bean enthusiast (teenage son). I can’t seem to top the store brand of baked beans in his eyes.

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