A Quick Salad

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The May issue of Everyday Food has a cute little salad, Romaine Salad with Crispy Prosciutto and White Beans. Although the salad is supposed to feed one, I made it a little bigger to feed two.

salad prosThe recipe says to rip up a roll and toss with olive oil. Put it on a baking sheet and lay out your prosciutto next to it. It does not say to spray the pan. I thought this was nuts, but thought maybe the prosciutto has enough fat in it that it won’t stick when you bake it. Wrong! Some of the prosciutto did curl up as the recipe said it would, but the rest stuck to the pan and had to be scraped, resulting in crumbs. That was disappointing.

The rest of the salad is easy to make – romaine, cannelini beans, and a basic salad dressing. I violated Martha’s principles in two ways. First I did not make the salad dressing in the bottom of the bowl as Martha directs. I dislike doing that because you can’t control the amount of dressing then. I also spiced up her salad dressing – she calls just for oil, vinegar and salt and pepper. Frankly, that’s pretty nasty. I added a little sugar and some dried Italian herbs to give it some flavor.

salad pros2This salad was tasty and different. I enjoyed the beans and prosciutto in it a lot. In fact, I’m starting to think baked prosciutto is better than bacon in some instances. This was a nice, quick salad and I think it would make a great lunch by itself. We had it as a side dish with dinner and it was great that way also.

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