Have You Tried… Bread Cheese?

I picked up a package of Carr Valley Bread Cheese at my grocery store recently ($11.79/lb.). On the package it says it is good dipped in coffee or with jam. Really? I scratched my head at this but gave it a try, mostly because it’s pretty hard to find cheese I won’t eat. The cheese … Read more

Have You Tried…Olive Oil Misto?

I grew up using Pam to spray baking dishes, baking sheets, etc. It’s super convenient and easy to use. However, it has a long list of icky ingredients in it. One of which is silicone. I really don’t want to eat silicone. I’m not a big fan of rubbing sticks of butter on my pans … Read more

Have You Tried….Kind Bars?

I’m not a big granola/snack bar person. And now that I’m gluten-free I am even less interested in this group of food.  However, I’ve found one I really love. You’ll never believe where I heard about Kind bars. I was flipping around the TV and cruised by QVC where I like to check out the … Read more

Have You Tried…Mario Batali’s Pasta Sauce

So, ok, I do buy jarred spaghetti sauce (which horrifies my Italian cousin-in-law). Sometimes I make my own (usually in summer when I have an abundance of tomatoes), but often I just buy a jar. I buy my store brand for 99 cents a jar. And it’s good. Really good. But I admit I was … Read more

Have You Tried…Kiwi Berries?

I stumbled upon these in the grocery store. They look like mini kiwis, minus the fuzz. They’re about the size of a big grape. They taste just like a kiwi, without the big seeds. They are very grape-like in texture. They are easier to eat than a kiwi. No peeling. Just pop them in your … Read more

Have You Tried…Bison Burgers?

We first had bison (also called buffalo) burgers on a trip to Colorado. We really loved the taste. My grocery store has been carrying ground bison for a while, so I decided to make them myself.  The bison I bought is uncertified organic (which means they follow standards, but have not yet been certified).  Bison … Read more

Have You Tried…My Pillow?

Let me first be clear: no one asked me or paid me to write this post and I bought the product myself at full price. I don’t get any kickback and have no relationship with this company other than being a customer. I have been waking up in the morning with a sore neck. A … Read more

Have You Tried…Husk Cherries?

I picked this in the U-pick section of our CSA this week. I’ve never had them before and never heard of them before either! They are also called ground cherries. Inside that brown husk is a tiny fruit that is like a small cherry tomato. It’s almost like a cross between a cherry and a … Read more

Have You Tried….Rolled Butter

I had never heard of this until this summer, when my aunt mentioned it to me. We then visited a Mennonite shop in the Finger Lakes and when I noticed it in the case, I had to buy some. I didn’t know what it was and did some research when I got home. What I’ve … Read more

Have You Tried…Frozen Yogurt Bars?

Frozen yogurt bars are all the rage. We first tried one on Amelia Island, Florida this winter. We loved it so much we went two nights in a row. If you aren’t familiar, the concept is simple. There is a wall of self-serve soft frozen yogurt machines. You take a cup and put in as … Read more