Have You Tried…My Pillow?

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Let me first be clear: no one asked me or paid me to write this post and I bought the product myself at full price. I don’t get any kickback and have no relationship with this company other than being a customer.

I have been waking up in the morning with a sore neck. A few weeks ago, it was so bad that I was in agony for days, with limited range of movement. I have tried every pillow we have. I’ve gone to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and stood in front of the pillows, clueless about what would work or what to buy. It was deeply confusing for me because I sleep in every position: stomach, side, and back within each night and most of the higher end pillows seem to be geared to one type of sleep.

I was just resigned to the fact that my neck was going to be a problem. A writer friend mentioned she had bought My Pillow and that it changed her life. When I saw how much it cost ($99 for king size), I dismissed it. Then I hurt my neck again sleeping and I was ready to try it.  There’s lots of explanation on their site about this, but basically it is filled with small pieces of foam (medical grade they say), so you can move it around and change its shape to mold to your head and neck. The best part is that it does not compress. You arrange it, lie down, and it stays that way all night long. Since I started using this (over a month ago) I have not woken up with a sore neck once. I also had been waking up with a sore ear. Whichever ear I slept hurt when I woke up. This problem is also now gone. I love, love, love that I can adjust it as needed and it stays put. When I roll over in the night, I can change the pillow to support my head in that new position.

There are instructions on their site about what pillow to buy for your size and needs.  I’m just crazy about this product and am so, so happy to be sleeping well and waking up without pain!

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