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TGOTT_Logo7I’ve recently launched a new blog, called Taking Gluten Off the Table. It’s got two sections. One section is gluten-free recipes and food products. The second section is dining out – both here in my Western New York area and as we travel. My goal is to make the gluten-free life a bit easier for other people like me (and my husband) who cannot eat it. I’ve found that going GF has been pretty easy to do at home. I can make almost anything, but there are still a few things I’m desperate to figure out and am working on them, so I share that journey. However, dining out is so much harder than it should be. Hopefully my reviews will help people know where they can find good gluten-free experiences in restaurants and also make restaurants more aware of the needs of people on gluten-free diets.

If you know someone who is gluten free or has celiac, would you share the link with them? If you’re in WNY, please help me reach the people in our area who need this information!

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