Sausage Fest

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sausageWhile a lot of my Martha project involves doing actual Martha recipes, crafts, and projects, I am trying to discover my own inner Martha and change my life so that I naturally live like Martha.

The other day I was standing at the deli counter in the grocery store, buying ham for Dude Martha (I almost never eat deli meat if I can avoid it, but the kids like it) and I noticed our store has started carrying a new line of local gourmet sausages. I’m not a big sausage fan, but the rest of the family are. I had a What Would Martha Do moment. Martha would be excited by an introduction of interesting new local food in her area and would sample it. So I did what Martha might. I bought one of every sausage -bokwurst, knockwurst, frankfurter, German smoked sausage, Hungarian, chorizo, and apple cinnamon and brought them home and grilled them and everyone sampled them.

The biggest challenge was keeping the sausage in order so I could match them with their labels and know what they were! Personally I liked the apple cinnamon the best, but in general I am just horrified by sausage. I can’t stand the chunks of fat in it. It really grosses me out. Teen Martha voted for the frankfurter, which was a nicely smoked hot dog. Mr. MarthaAndMe liked almost all of them. Dude Martha voted for the knockwurst, which is a white sausage.

It was quite a fun little dinner, sampling all these different sausages, and it made me feel very Martha-like!

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