Salmon Cakes

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I’ll admit, I wasn’t really wild about the idea of Salmon Cakes (Martha Stewart salmon cake1Everyday Food, June – again, another recipe that isn’t on the web site). But I love, love, love salmon, so I thought it was worth a salmon cake2try. First I poached my salmon (wild, not farmed!) and then flaked it into pieces. I cooked the onion and mixed it with the salmon, breadcrumbs, egg, lemon juice, lemon zest and salt and pepper.

My mixture was pretty dry and I was worried about it holding together. I formed it into cakes and dunked them in the breadcrumbs. This really did not want to hold together! I got them on the griddle and some held together better than others. salmon cake3

It just seemed like it needed more “glue” to hold it together.

While they were cooking, I made the apple yogurt sauce – yogurt, apple, mint, cilantro and lemon juice. I was REALLY not sure I was going to like that. Apple on salmon? Weird.

salmon cake 4Despite my trepidation, this was really quite good. The yogurt sauce was interesting. It didn’t taste like apple – more like onion somehow.  The cakes themselves were good – very salmon-y and not too much breading. If I made this again, I would first of all only do it to use up some already cooked salmon. I would not poach a piece of salmon to make it into a salmon cake, but this is a good idea for leftovers. Secondly, I think I would eat it on a roll with some lettuce and tomato and mayo and lemon juice, kind of like a grouper sandwich.

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