Pan-Seared Turkey Cutlets with Wine Sauce

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In the Jan/Feb issue of Everyday Food, there is a section of turkey recipes that caught my eye. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking with ground turkey and have made a few dishes with turkey cutlets. I decided to try the Pan-Seared Turkey Cutlets with Wine Sauce. It sounded pretty simple.

turkey-wineI bought turkey cutlets, so I did not have to slice up a turkey breast. I pounded them, then cooked them part of the way (they cooked most of the rest of the way as they sat on a platter as I made the sauce). The sauce is just pan scrapings, wine, dijon mustard and salt and pepper. I cooked the wine down and added the mustard. Yikes! Way too much mustard in this one! It was far too strong. I ended up dumping in some chicken stock to ease up on the flavor a bit. Then I needed to add a little Wondra to thicken it. I also felt like it didn’t taste like anything other than the mustard, so I added some sage.

Once the sauce was a good as it was going to get (which wasn’t much), I quickly stuck the turkey back in the pan to heat it up.

I was not wild about this one at all. I’m also not really a fan of the turkey cutlets in general. They really dry out when cooked, even though I was very careful not to overcook them.  The sauce was boring, plain and overly mustardy. Most of this went down the garbage disposal. Next!

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