Not So Smooth

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blacksmooth2Everyone in the family loves smoothies and almost everyone (except me) loves blackberries, so I had to make Martha’s Blackberry Yogurt Smoothies (June Martha Stewart Living). This was a very simple recipe – dump blackberries, yogurt, honey, buttermilk and cardamom in the blender and turn it on.

I did that, then had my son (Dude Martha as he wants to be referred to) do a taste test. It got a major thumbs down – not sweet, not cold, just not good. So I went to work doctoring it. I added more honey, ice and orange juice.  He tasted it again. And again, I had to add ice and orange juice. Finally he deemed it ready to drink. blacksmooth3

Mr. MarthaAndMe tasted it also. He thought it was ok, but they both said it really needed to be strained to get all those blackberry seeds out.

As smoothies go, this one wasn’t a winner at all. I never would have thought of making a blackberry smoothie though, so it gets points for originality at least.


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