Noodle Bar

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AsianSoupI haven’t had much time to blog lately. Between two very big book projects, a family member in hospice, 2 dogs plus 2 dogs visiting, crazy schedules and too much travel (for my daughter to interview at medical schools), I am barely keeping my head above water. Dinners here are whatever I can throw together between 5 and 5:30. Last night I set up a make your own noodle bowl bar for the family. I boiled a package of red rice noodles, heated up a couple cups of chicken broth, chopped up scallions, Napa cabbage, ginger and carrots and set out some sprouts. I chopped one chicken breast and cooked it with one chopped garlic clove. I set out tamari sauce (gluten free), soy sauce, and  a gluten free Thai peanut sauce. This worked out perfectly and for once met all the insane dietary differences in our house:

– The two gluten free diners who like soup ate everything

– The person who now only eats chicken or fish (no meat) was happy

– The people who dislike soup ate it as noodles not soup

– The person who does not like chicken simply skipped the chicken

This has infinite possibilities. Next time I think I’ll do it with rice and cook some salmon instead of chicken. You could also cook some broccoli, saute some thinly sliced beef and offer beef broth and mushrooms as well.

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