Junk Shopping

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PaleGreenPlate2Every summer my mom and I visit a shop called Crossroads Country Antiques, in Lima, New York, at the western edge of the Finger Lakes. It’s an old church that’s being used as a shop. It’s divided up into little cubbies or sections for different sellers. The place is filled with just about everything you can imagine – dishes, clothes, hats, photos, jewelry, linens, utensils, furniture, baskets, toys, purses, holiday decorations, collectibles –  things you would find at an estate sale or garage sale and more. In theory, everything is an “antique” but in practice, most of it is just vintage (meaning old, but not old enough to be an antique) and NapkinRingssome of it is just stuff that’s sort of recent but you couldn’t find it in a store today. The biggest kick I get out of this place is running across things my mom had when I was a kid and seeing what they’re worth (I’m always asking her “Do you still have this? Well it’s worth $12!”). My mom loves it because not only are the prices pretty decent, but the vendors seem to have rotating sales, where everything in one cubby is 25% and another one might be 30% off, so it’s even cheaper than you think.

Every time we go, the merchandise is different and you never know what you will stumble upon. It’s like a treasure hunt. My mom is always looking for vases and containers to put plants in. I’m usually keeping an eye out for antique glass, but have brought home vases, napkins, tablecloths (the one in these pictures is actually from there), an area rug, and more. My college age daughter has bought some really cute old purses (one decorated with ostrich feathers) and vintage costume jewelry and can’t stop herself from trying on every single hat in the store.

At this visit, I came home with a set of 8 celadon Dish_Glassdessert plates (more than I normally pay for stuff here at $22 but I just loved them), a set of 5 blue and white napkin rings for $3 (I figure I will mix and match if I have more than 5 people at the table), a teal glass serving bowl for $5, and a set of 8 blue and green water goblets for $18.

It’s all about the thrill of the hunt for me and the joy of discovering something beautiful hidden among the junk. Do you like to go to junk shops like this?BlueGreenGlass

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