Grilled Trout with Oregano

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troutI was in Mother Hubbard mode (bare pantry) just before vacation, but I ran out to the store to buy some things to eat in the day or two before we left. The trout in the fish department looked good, so I bought two.

I usually grill trout with some dill and lemon on it. I decided to give Martha a shot at cooking my trout and searched her site. I came up with Grilled Trout with Oregano.  Martha says to season the trout with salt and pepper (I must confess, I never put salt and pepper on fish when I make it, but I did try it this time) and place some lemon rings and oregano sprigs on the fish. I always grill fish on a little non-stick grill sheet that has round holes in it, so the fish doesn’t fall through the grill.

Trout cooks very quickly on the grill. When it was done, Martha directed me to sprinkle some olive oil on it. I would never do that on my own either.

The results? Very tasty, although I like it better with just dill and lemon. Seasoning with salt and pepper did give it some added flavor. I thought the olive oil was superfluous – this fish was already moist. It didn’t need extra oil. The oregano added no flavor since it just sat on top and was removed when we ate it. It did look very pretty though.

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