Garlic Scapes Bread

Posted by Brette in Food

We had garlic scapes in our CSA haul again and this time I decided to use them to make garlic bread. The photo of this did not turn out at all- it looks yellow. In reality, this was bright green. It was very simple to make. I sliced a loaf of bread and put a handful of scapes in the food processor (maybe 10) and half a stick of butter and some salt. Then I just whizzed until I had a paste. I spread it on the bread and baked at 400 for about 15 minutes, until the bread was browning and the paste was bubbly. It was delicious. Not as sharp and garlicky as garlic bread, but it had a lovely fresh green taste in addition to the gentle garlic flavor. I still have some scapes left and may make some pesto with them.

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