Chicken and Vegetable Hash

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I am a lover of good corned beef hash, which I make every year after St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve never had chicken hash, but was willing to try it, so I made Summer Vegetable and Chicken Hash from June Martha Stewart Living (no link on Martha’s site for this).

chick hash1First I boiled the potatoes, then I started creating the hash. First step was to saute the chicken, then the potatoes. Take those out and cook scallion, jalapeno, and then corn kernels. I liked cooking the corn – watching the kernels get brown and listening to some of them pop. Next you add cherry tomatoes, then stock, seasoning and chicken. Add the potatoes back in at the end. It seems like a quick dish but in reality it took quite a while to cook all the separate parts. My corn took much longer to cook than the recipe said.chick hash2

The end result was actually quite good. It tasted nothing like what I think of as hash – I guess I like my potatoes brown and crunchy. However, it was tasty. The jalapeno gave it just enough heat and the corn was sweet and crunchy. It was a really nice flavor.

chick hash3It was also good reheated the next day. I wasn’t thrilled with how it looked – like a pile of food on your plate, but it had nice flavors.

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