Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops

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It sounded simple enough to whip up the Balsamic-Rosemary Viniagrette in March Martha Stewart Everyday Food and marinate some pork chops in it for Balsamic Glased Pork Chops.After all, Lucinda Scala Quinn made it look very easy and tasty when she appeared on the Martha Stewart Show.  Silly me.

This is another one of those blender recipes Martha is so fond of lately. You dump in your balsamic, water, garlic clove, salt, pepper, rosemary and mustard and whizz it up. Then you drizzle your olive oil in and presto it is supposed to be done.

balsamic-mess2Not so fast! As I was pouring it out into a container, the big lump of garlic clove came plopping out. The blender didn’t even touch it. So I dumped it all back in and pulsed it. Still nothing. So next I fished it out and put it in the mini- Cuisinart. No luck there either – it just hung out on the sides and refused to chop. Finally I pulled out a cutting board and minced it by hand. By this point, I had a counter full of dirty dishes for a recipe that was supposed to be simple! This not a happy Martha moment.

balsamic-pork-chopI poured some over the chops and let them sit in the fridge a couple of hours. Then I grilled them on the Jenn-Air.

I wasn’t excited about these at all. I think they really need to marinate overnight to get any flavor. I could barely taste the viniagrette. There wasn’t anything special about this, and after all the work it was to make, I was annoyed!

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