Another Storage War

Posted by Brette in Life | Organizing

We live in Buffalo. Insert your own joke about snow here. Therefore we have a lot of hats, mittens, gloves, scarves and other cold weather paraphernalia that floats around. For years we stuffed all of this in the hope chest in our front hall. It was a disaster. Nothing stayed together. And people always piled stuff on top of the chest, so we could never get in it! I tried keeping all of this winter weather stuff on a shelf in the coat closet. This was an even worse idea. Nothing stayed on the shelf and no one could see or reach anything.

My solution? A fabric mesh shoe organizer. I attached it to the inside of our coat closet door. Each pocket nicely holds together pairs of mittens/gloves and keeps hats and scarves easy to find. It’s also nice because you can assign each person their own row/column, so there’s no mixing up of belongings, making it a lot easier to find that pair of gloves you want when you’re heading out the door.

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