Kale and Ricotta in a Parchment Bag

I recently bought a package of Paper Chef Parchment Bags to try. These are bags made out of parchment designed for cooking. I loved the concept – just put the food in the bag and fold one end. I decided to try a new recipe for kale (serves 4) 3 cups packed kale leaves salt … Read more

A Plum of a Chicken

I’m back to regular posting on this blog, so look for a new recipe at least once a week! Today’s is inspired by the bounty of stone fruits that are everywhere this time of year. 1/2 cup cooked couscous 1 chicken breast salt and pepper to taste 1/2 teaspoon olive oil 1/8 teaspoon onion powder … Read more

Salmon with an Interesting Sauce

It was one of those dinners where there wasn’t much to choose from, so I sort of chose everything. And the results were pretty amazing. 2 salmon fillets 1 cup snap peas 1/4 cup light sour cream 1 tbsp honey mustard 1 tbsp lime juice 4 baby carrots, minced salt and pepper 1/4 tsp dill … Read more

Dinner on the Grill

I was unmotivated to cook an actual dinner involving pots and pans, so I made everything on the grill. I marinated 6 ounces of Canadian bacon in 6 oz pineapple juice and 1 tbsp soy sauce for an hour. I put those on the grill and also grilled one zucchini (cut lengthwise into 4 pieces … Read more

Fingerling Potatoes with Vinaigrette and Cheese

I had a lovely bag of multicolored fingerling potatoes and needed a way to cook them. I also had some vinaigrette leftover. Why not use them together? This one was a big winner in my house, with people fighting over the cheese! 1 lb fingerling potatoes, pricked with a fork Make this vinaigrette: 4 tbsp … Read more

No Pot Grills

Posted by Brette in Fish
No Pot Grills

It’s that time of year, when turning on the oven seems like a bad, bad idea and cooking on the grill sounds great. There are still no pots involved, so here’s what I made for dinner last night: Grilled Cod and Green Beans with Cilantro Sauce 1 piece of cod (about 1/2 lb) 2 cups … Read more