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Did everyone hear that Perez Hilton is reporting that Martha is going to be a grandma? Alexis has tried for years to get pregnant and now is using a surrogate who is expecting – or so Perez says.


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Winners of the Martha Stewart Treat boxes are: Maggi Rasch Angie Arthur Michelle Levine Arlene Anthony Debbie Koenig Megan Pires Sara Stall-Ryan Nicole Hartman Rachel Dickinson Shannon Baas   If you won, I need your address! There will be another MS giveaway this week, so check back to enter!

Martha Mondays: Cold Remedies

Today’s project was chosen by Sarah at Mum in Bloom. Of the long list of home remedies on the site to choose from for today’s project (we could each choose our own), I chose the cure for cold feet. I work at home and we don’t usually wear shoes in the house. In the long … Read more

Sarah at Mum in Bloom has chosen cold remedies for the next project.  I’m looking forward to trying these., but I hope I don’t really need them any time soon!

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This blog has been nominated for a Blogger’s Choice award. I would be grateful for any votes! You can vote here.

Martha on Oprah

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Martha was on Oprah yesterday. It’s not often that you get to see Martha interviewed, so I was anxious to watch. Oprah had a lot of questions about prison. And that’s about it. It seemed like such an interesting opportunity – the two women who have made some of the biggest changes in how we … Read more

I just had to put up a quick little post to say I watch Martha’s season opener today on Hallmark and I also watched Everyday Food (for the first time) and Lucinda (Mad Hungry). I hope you’ll share your thoughts on these with me – I would love to hear what you think. As for … Read more

Great-Grandmother’s Hibiscus

This is the hibiscus that grows next to my deck. There’s quite a story behind it. When my great-grandmother, Rose Osborne, passed away, some seeds were found in an envelope in her bible. No one knew what they were or where they came from. So my great-uncle Bill planted them in his garden.Uncle Bill and … Read more

Dude Martha, Architect

Dude Martha took a tech class at school this year. He liked it so much he signed up for an extra curricular tech class where he built an amazing box for Mr. MarthaAndMe to store worms while fishing. He had some extra time at the end of the year and so he whipped up this … Read more

Congratulations Teen Martha! High School Grad!