Martha Mondays: Cold Remedies

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Today’s project was chosen by Sarah at Mum in Bloom. Of the long list of home remedies on the site to choose from for today’s project (we could each choose our own), I chose the cure for cold feet. I work at home and we don’t usually wear shoes in the house. In the long hours I spend sitting at my computer almost motionless, except for my typing fingers, my feet often get cold during the winter months. Sometimes I’ll put slippers on or a pair of sneakers (or turn on a little heater that sits under my desk), but this remedy sounded so relaxing and wonderful that I had to try it.  I also have been having feet that are just plain sore lately, so I was hoping this would help. In the warm months I exercise by swimming, kayaking or walking outside, but once the weather turns, I walk at the mall every morning. The transition to the hard floors of the mall is always hard on my feet, which is why I think they’ve been achy lately.

I have to admit that although the ingredients sounded pleasant, I didn’t really want to smear oatmeal all over my feet. It just sounded messy. And it was. I’m not sure exactly how you could ever do this without a mess. You mix this up, stick your feet in it and then wrap warm washcloths around your feet. The warm washcloths are nice for about 3 seconds until they get cold. Then you’ve got to somehow get your feet out of the oatmeal and into a tub (leaving oatmeal in your tub) or another basin to wash them off. Ick. Yes, it smelled nice and it was warm (if a bit gross to smear oatmeal on your feet), but I don’t think I would ever do this again!

And no, those aren’t my feet! I wasn’t about to post a photo of my own feet for this project! I’ll be interested to hear about the other projects people tried this week.

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