Piedmontese Beef

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Blackwing Organic Meats Ground BeefWhile visiting the exciting Whole Foods-like new grocery story in our area, I poked around a bit in the frozen meat section. Although the store had a really fabulous fresh meat section (we bought some bison that was fabulous), there were some choices in the frozen section worth considering. I briefly considered camel burgers, but just couldn’t bring myself to try them. There were some bison burgers, but since we had fresh bison in the cart, I passed that one up also. I didn’t even consider the python or rattlesnake. I debated about some elk, but we’ve tried that before (and it was good, so I encourage you to try it if you get a chance). What caught my eye were some Piedmontese beef burgers. I’d never heard of this before. The box claims it is leaner that chicken. I paid $9.49 for a one pound box of 4 patties.

When I got home, research indicated that Piedmont cattle are raised in northern Italy. They have a particular gene that makes their meat much leaner than regular beef. Because of this, it is also lower in calories and more tender than other types of beef. You can read more about this type of cattle here.

The package we bought contained 4 patties that looked like regular burgers. They cooked in roughly the same time frame as regular patties. They tasted really great. The meat does taste leaner, but that does not mean it has less flavor. Somehow, it seems to have more. The patties were tender. We really enjoyed this meat. I would buy it again.

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