New Year Organization

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Previous wrap storage

I started the New Year out with some organization projects.

My pantry is always an ongoing project. Last year we put shelves on the inside of the door. I kept my food

New wrap shelf

wraps there (plastic, aluminium, parchment, etc.) but they often come flying off when the door moves. So yesterday we installed a shelf just for them inside the pantry, inside the wall it shares with the kitchen (so you have to go in and look behind to see it).  This not only contains the wrap and prevents it from falling on my head, but it also opened up two whole shelves for me on the pantry door. I moved rice, broth, and pasta sauce to take up the space. It’s given me some breathing space inside the pantry itself.

In other organizing projects, I did all the filing that had piled up and put away some paperwork for finished projects. Then I did a major sort of books. I have a huge collection of textbooks I use for some textbooks I co-author and I went through those and purged the ones that are now old. I also went through my regular bookshelves and got rid of some duplicates of my own books and created a giant donation box for the library.

I sat down with my cooking notebooks and filed all the recipes I’ve ripped out of magazines or printed from web sites in the past year. While I was doing this I made a list of some to try, so I’ll have some dinner ideas for the next week or so.

I started an accordion file for travel information I’ve ripped out of magazines or printed. I used my P-touch to label each section and then filed it all alphabetically.

I still need to pull out all of the bills and receipts from my files and get them organized for taxes. It’s a job I don’t look forward to at all!

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