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Martha has a two-page spread on napkin folding in the December Living (p. 12). She shows 4 different folds and I decided to try my hand at them with my Christmas napkins.

napkin-foldingStarting at the top left, is the envelope fold. This one is tres cute I think! I would love to do this one and slip a scratch off lottery ticket in it or a small candy bar. This was really simple to make.

At the top right is the menu fold. This doesn’t look so great with a napkin with a pattern on one side. Maybe with a plain napkin and one that wasn’t so uneven at the edges it would look better. I’m not too enamored with this one.

Bottom left is the modern fold. I think this would work better with a really large napkin. The rolls at the center won’t stay together for me and I think if it was bigger, it would.

Last is the bottom right, the lotus fold. Well, I must admit I was scratching my head over the directions for this one. I still don’t think I got it right – it looks nothing like the picture.  Too complicated for me to attempt. I am spatially challenged and this one is beyond my abilities!

The result here is I would do the envelope fold for a table setting but probably not the others. I resolve to fold my napkins in this fold for Christmas morning breakfast!

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  • Carrie says:

    I’ve never done the napkin folding designs, but was inspired by your photos. It does make a difference to see the napkins folded nicely near the place settings. The envelope fold does look the best with the pattern on the napkin. I do think the menu fold would look good with a solid color.