Martha Mondays: Nut Wreath

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mondaysThis week’s Martha Mondays is the nut wreath from November Living, chosen by Sara at SassySuppers. I spent $16 on this for nuts and the wreath form. I cheated and bought a 12 inch form while Martha says to use a 24 inch form. I would have needed double the nuts if I had done that, and this would have cost even more! I already had the glue gun and ribbon.

This project sounded pretty easy – glue nuts on a wreath. It sounds easy, but it wasn’t that easy for me. Mr. MarthaAndMe was here to lend a hand and gave me some pointers. For example, he suggested I glue some nuts standing straight up – something I wouldn’t have thought of. He also suggested gluing hazelnuts all the way around the outside edge to cover up the wreath form. What would I do without Mr. MarthaAndMe? He has more craft sense in his little finger than I have all over.

I hate the spider web strands you get with glue guns!

This took a lot more time than I thought it should have and we kept adding nuts to try to cover up holes. Finally, we thought we had something decent and Mr. MarthaAndMe hung it up using fishing line (8 lb test!). Big mistake. It came nut wreath2crashing to the floor and shattered. Yikes. Martha might have mentioned you need something really strong to hang this from!

Most of it was intact, so we replaced the nuts that broke or fell off and finally had something ready to hang. Mr. MarthaAndMe suggested we hang it outside and watch the squirrels try to take it apart. I am sure they would have figured out a way! Instead, we hung it on the kitchen pantry door (I don’t why the wall color looks so incredibly horrible in this photo – that is really bothering me!).

nut wreathI think it actually turned out pretty nicely.

Did you make this? Please post a link in the comment section to your results. Please visit everyone else’s results and leave them comments!

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