Martha Mondays: Chicken Fried Rice

Posted by Brette in Martha Mondays

Today’s project, Chicken Fried Rice, was chosen by SteakNPotatoes Kinda Gurl. I make fried rice a lot and I was mightily confused by the 1/2 cup of chicken broth in this. It turned it all wet and mushy and I had to really cook it down to get it to be less than soup.  I also felt there was just too much chicken for my tastes.

I usually toss in tons of veggies when I make fried rice – peas, carrots, sprouts and sometimes I chop up some cabbage. I usually make mine without meat, but do use egg in it.

Desi posted her link as a comment back on the assignment post for this project, so scroll back to find it.

I have to admit I am itching to try the sauerkraut recipe in October Living. Anyone else?

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