Martha Mondays: 11/23 Assignment

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I never heard from the person scheduled to make this week’s pick , so I’m going to go ahead and choose it so we can get going with it. I thought we would try something a little different, so I’m choosing Birdseed-and-Suet Feeders from page 36 of November Living. I’m going to paraphrase the instructions for those of you who don’t have the magazine. You need 5 lbs mixed wild birdseed, 2 lbs suet (Martha says you can buy it from a butcher), 1 lb dried cranberries, and 1 lb raw peanuts. You need 5 1-qt plastic containers (takeout style) and twine.

First, render the suet by chopping and cooking over medium until it’s liquid. Strain through cheesecloth and let it solidify. Then heat it and strain it again. Mix it with the birdseed, cranberries and peanuts and fill the containers, leaving a loop of twine coming out of the middle of each. Freeze it 2 hours or overnight, remove from the containers and hang outside. It makes 5 (I’m going to cut this recipe at leas in half I think). I can’t wait to hear how it works for everyone!

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4 Responses

  • Teresa B. says:

    I’m so excited about this pick! It caught my eye in the magazine, and I told myself I had to try it, but forgot about it. Also gives me an opportunity to check out a local meat locker I’ve been wanting to visit. Thanks!

  • Oh good! I’m a little worried about finding suet, but I know my mom buys it every year to make a steamed Christmas pudding for my uncle, so it’s got to be available.

  • girl1der says:

    Hi Brette! I’m so sorry for flaking on my turn. I just saw your email and sent you a reply. I’m posting a copy of my response here so everyone will know what happened to me. Robyn

    “I’m so sorry I haven’t responded to any of your emails. My regular home email address is: XXXXXX (actual email removed here for privacy reasons). Please use that one in the future. I check it nearly every day. I put the robyns’s nest email on my blog when I had a contest and didn’t want my blog followers clogging up my home email. But since the contest passed, I forget I have it and never check it. Shame on me.

    I also have to admit, I’ve been such a slacker with respect to particpating in MM. I did the grilled peaches and the chicken/plum dishes but that’s it so far. Shortly after that, my kids went back to school and their stuff has kept me on my toes without much time for anything else (yes, I’m making lame excuses). I would actually like to get back into MM but I don’t get Martha’s mag so I don’t have any reference to choose something. Can I pick something I find on her website or does it have to be from a current magazine? Just let me know what I should do and when it’s my turn since I missed it twice (my bad). Thanks!”

  • Hi Robyn. I sent you an email (to the correct address!). No problem at all. If folks can participate, they do. If they can’t, no one gets upset. I can always step in and make a pick if needed and I will always make the project and am happy for whoever plays along. I’ll be putting up a new list with dates for each person’s turn soon. I’ve been enjoying the different items everyone chooses. It’s always fun to make something I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen myself because it broadens my horizons!