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One of my brilliant Martha-esque ideas for Christmas was to make Mr. MarthaAndMe a framed map with thumbtacks in it to show all the places we’ve visited. I saw one in a catalog for about $180. I ordered a map of the US for $10 including shipping, then I bought a frame for 40% off at Michael’s for about $20 and a bottle of spray adhesive for $3. Then I bought a big piece of foamboard for $14. I was so proud of my thriftiness. Then I went to assemble it. The map was not the size promised! It was off by about an inch and didn’t fill the frame side to side.

I also was making one for my parents, but with a world map. That map perfectly fit the frame. I searched and searched for another US map the same size, but apparently there is only one company that makes a US map that is 24×36. I ended up giving it to Mr. MarthaAndMe in its slightly imperfect state. We decided to order a new map (the same one) and this time center it on a piece of foamboard that would fit the frame.

That was this morning’s project. Apparently this manufacturer has a little trouble making maps to size. Today’s map is about an inch off, but the other way – up and down! We made it work and had fun putting in all the thumbtacks. We decided to put them only where we have stayed overnight (even though we usually stay in one place and then drive all over hell in the area around it). It turned out pretty nicely and we’re both looking forward to adding more thumbtacks! We hung it over Mr. MarthaAndMe’s desk to inspire him while he is working.

The Final Product

The Final Product

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