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When my grandmother passed away two years ago, she left behind many treasures. There were antiques, items purchased on her trips around the world, old photos, and art work. Many are beautiful and I know they all had meaning to her. The problem is, those of us who inherited her treasures don’t know what all of the meanings were. We’ve been able to guess at some things and piece things together from the stories she told us. The carved elephants are from Africa. The straw purse came from the Bahamas. I can figure out some of the people in some photos. The green glass sugar and creamer were a wedding shower gift, she told me once. But other things have now lost their meaning. That makes me sad.

So I’ve embarked upon a labeling project of my own items, mostly things I’ve bought on trips. Someday (hopefully in the far distant future) when someone inherits them, I want them to know where it was from and why it mattered to me. Last weekend I went around the house with some stickers and wrote the origin of every print, painting, and photo that hangs on our walls, and stuck it on the back of each item. My next project is to take photos of the other things I consider my treasures (from trips and things I inherited from my grandmothers) and create a word document with the photo and a description of each piece.

I noticed my mom has suddenly caught this bug too, even though we haven’t discussed it. When she buys a piece of art, pottery, basket, etc. she tapes the business card of the artist on the back. If there is no card or known artist, she tapes a handwritten description of what the item is and where it came from on the back.

What have you done to preserve the memories associated with things that are important to you?

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