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I’ve been plowing through a lot of books lately. Here are some that I’ve gone to bed with (ooh la la):

siz yearsSix Years by Harlan Coben: I prefer the Myron Bolitar series that Coben writes, but I’ll read pretty much anything the man produces. I was vaguely confused through this book though because it felt like it was a very similar to story to something else I’d read, which I still can’t put my finger one. Coben is great with suspense as always and the twists and turns will keep you turning pages as the narrator decides to track down the love of his life six years after she suddenly married someone else. He learns she might be in danger yet no one will give him a straight answer – there’s a big cover up in place and it seems everyone is involved. I was a little displeased when the entire story came to light (I wasn’t quite buying all of it), but it was still a good read.

night movesNight Moves by Randy Wayne White: I’m a long time fan of the Doc Ford series, partly because it takes place on Sanibel Island, Florida, one of my most favorite places in the world.  In this story, Doc Ford sticks close to home for his adventures, tracking down some lost US planes that may have crashed in his neck of the woods years ago. The story moves at a pretty good pace and of course his side kick Tomlinson is in full goofiness throughout. I admit to being a bit annoyed at how women are always falling all over Doc Ford. In this story he grows closer to one woman and begins to think about settling down. No surprise, since White thanks his “life companion” in the acknowledgements for the first time- seems White himself has settled down and is making Doc Ford do the same. The added bonus in this book is an amazing dog. I hope the dog becomes a regular because I love him.

kinseyKinsey and Me by Sue Grafton: I was hesitant about reading this but, but I love sleuth Kinsey Millhone so I couldn’t resist. This book contains short stories about Kinsey that were written years ago and then some stories about a character named Kit Blue, heavily based on Grafton herself. I confess I couldn’t get through the book. The Kinsey stories are missing all of her great sidekicks – landlord Henry and Rosie at the Hungarian restaurant. They were also tied up too neatly and quickly for my tastes. The Kit Blue stories didn’t draw me in at all. This one was a miss. I should have listened to my gut, I guess.

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