I’m Pro on Probiotics

Posted by Brette in Whole Living

Martha has a great article in January Living (page 124) about the importance of probiotics. I take one every day and dose the family with them on occasion.

acidophilusI started taking probiotics after a bout of diverticulosis several years ago.  I’ve tried some of the special yogurts you can buy, but am happiest with the bottle I buy at the health food store. It’s really important to buy live acidophilus from the refrigerated section, not the freeze dried kind.

Not to be too graphic, but I have found that probiotics eliminate yeast infection problems as well as regulate digestion.

I think there are some people who don’t need them, but there are those of us who benefit from them greatly.

Dental Health

What did you think of the segment on Martha’s show about dental health? We have Oral-B toothbrushes similar to that (I think they are last year’s model) and it has made a big difference with some dental issues people in this house have had.

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  • Tara says:

    I don’t have the Oral-B one but I use a sonicare and my dentist always remarks on how clean my teeth are. He uses one, too. My dentist said since it takes 2 minutes to use the sonicare that this alone helps with dental care because the average person spends less than 20 seconds to brush their teeth! YUCK! Anyway, I can’t imagine going back to a regular toothbrush!!!

    I just got this thing called Clarisonic and it is like a big toothbrush like that for your face basically. Not sure if it really is helping my skin or not but I do think it helps with the exfoliation.