Holiday Lights

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One of our holiday traditions is to take a

The welcome sign

drive to see holiday lights. The best place in our area is Niagara Falls, Ontario, where they have lots of animated displays near the Falls. There is an entire little park with scenes from Disney movies, that little kids love. The nicest part though is in a park called Dufferin Islands. This is a little park near the falls that has a pond and some small islands on it. The CAA sponsors the display (and collects donations). It’s a lovely little drive and the lights are reflected in the pond water, where ducks swim around. This year was better than ever. We were greeted by the Dufferin Islands sign with a beaver with a wagging tail. One of the first displays was a Buffalo meeting a moose,

Moose and buffalo meeting

symbolizing the friendship of Buffalo with our neighbors in Canada. The displays in the park are all animals. Dinosaurs, polar bears, a beaver cutting down a tree, a dolphin jumping over a whale, raccoons and other Canadian animals. Most them move. A bird lands on a pond, a polar bear swims next to an umiak, two rams clash horns. It is great fun to see it all. A section of trees are wrapped with red and white lights, turning them into candy canes. My obsession this year was the big lit balls hanging in a section

Beaver cutting down tree

of tree. I’d love to have some like that in my trees next year!

The Falls are lit with holiday colors as well (although it was too cold to get out and walk through the mist to see them up close!).

Enjoy the beautiful lights and Happy Holidays to you!







The Falls

Balls of light

Candy cane forest

Polar bear and umiak


Noah’s Ark



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