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vday doilies

Embroidered table scarf

If you read my blog, you know I like to decorate for many holidays. It gives me something to look forward to and gives me a little bit of festivity throughout the year.  I like to decorate for Valentine’s Day because I love pink (no red hearts here!).  In addition to my heart shaped items, I like to put out my pink glass for the holiday.

I was digging around in my linens, wishing I had a Valentine runner, but I realized I have tons of handmade doilies inherited from my grandmothers. I also found a

Handmade doilies

Handmade doilies

table scarf my grandmother embroidered. These look just perfect with my glass and I’m so happy to have something they made by hand I can display. Many of my pink items belonged to one of my grandmothers, so it is especially nice to be able to display them this way.

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